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Revolutionize your experience withAUROVILA Virtual Try-On

Hanging out in a crowded showroom trying on pair after pair after pair? Not so much. Aurovila offers an innovative way to shop for glasses with the Virtual Try-On function, enabling realistic frame visualization. It makes finding frames you'll love as easy as clicking the button. Using Virtual Try-On lets you virtually try on a pair of glasses anytime, anywhere.

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About Virtual Try-On

1. Only for style reference. Try-on effects may be affected by lighting, camera distance, and/or other factors.
2. Virtual Try-on is for illustrative purposes only, individual results may vary. if you share your result picture via a social media platform, it will be subject to their T&Cs and privacy policy.
3. AUROVILA Virtual Try-on supports Google or Safari browser with camera. If there is no camera, you can choose an Virtual avatar to help wear it.
4. AUROVILA does not store any information while you are using the AR Try-On feature.